Acton Academy ANACORTES

We want more for our children.

Here in our wonderful corner of the Pacific Northwest, we believe there is an opportunity for a new kind of learning community. We are Julie and Tim, and we are entrepreneurs looking to do things differently for our family. While we attended traditional schools, live in a great school district, and have confidence that our children would do fine in that setting, we want more than just fine. We want an environment where our children will thrive and start making a difference at a young age. We are excited that this new approach will prepare our children for a successful and fulfilling life.

We came across the book Courage to Grow by Laura Sandefer, Acton Academy co-founder, and were intrigued by the innovative school that she and her husband, Jeff, started 10 years ago in Austin, Texas. Instead of an institution, school is viewed as a community of learners who are each on their own "Hero's Journey." The standards are extremely high and nothing short of excellence is acceptable. Success is not about completing worksheets or memorizing facts to pass a test. The goals for students are simple and bold: find a calling and change the world. We want this for our children and our community!

Hello, from Riley and Connie. We are a young family with local businesses serving the community in healthcare and construction while supporting our children. We love spending time in our backyard -  the Anacortes Community Forest Lands. 

We both attended public school and have found success in our journey from youth to adulthood, however, we almost feel like an Acton Academy redo is in order for our own educations. It would have been a wonderful opportunity for us to experience an education where growth was self-paced and not on someone else's timeline. There are so many other reasons we are 100% ready to share the Acton Academy philosophy with Anacortes. The benefits for our small community are endless. We cannot wait for your family to join ours in this hero's journey.